Successful franchise systems

The most successful franchise systems today are of a „lean system centre“ controlled. This franchise company focusing its system work centres mainly on good communication and a constant expansion. It should be noted, however, that the system centre possibly „grow“ with the size of the franchise company needs. A higher number of franchisees is automatically also an extra effort to support services. This overhead should be from the head office, where appropriate, already anticipated.

The search for new franchisees

The importance of adequate staffing is often seen already in the search for new franchisees. Nothing can be the „business“ of a franchisor in the long run do more harm, than a slow to process inquiries from potential new franchisees. Especially in this area, a good workforce management is desirable. The quick response of the incoming requests is this useful for both sides: The Franchisor, in the casfe of a successful contract negotiation quickly integrate newly acquired partner in his company and the new franchisee can without unnecessary delays in starting a new job tomorrow. In the event of a negative outcome of the „application“ lose both parties unnecessarily much time and can quickly orient themselves independently again.

Daily cooperation with the franchisee

Even after a successful signing of the administrative burden increases with each new franchisee. In addition, this management tool has great benefits for both sides. The franchisor can convince yourself that its requirements are met by the franchisee. He also has the option of the franchisee (especially pending inspections) with any existing issues to assist. For both instruments is a timely evaluation of the results for both sides: The franchisor needs the information obtained in order to non-compliance of regulations countermeasures quickly and for the franchisee to provide the findings are an important criterion of its daily work. It corresponds to its own interest, to keep as closely as possible to the requirements of the franchisor. Finally, the concept has already proven itself in the market. The administrative costs can rise over time.

Unlike a „normal self“, the franchisees are only partially able to solve problems quickly even (especially in IT and Accounting). Therefore, franchisees should have confidence that the appropriate contacts are also accessible via the console.